Welcome to Xela Design System Kit for SwiftUI

Xela UIKit - SwiftUI based library for beautiful user interface in iOS apps.


Xela Design System focuses on beautiful user interface and UX application interoperability. It's easy to learn and integrate with your projects. Contains no dependencies on other libraries or frameworks. The library uses native elements from SwiftUI. Lightweight library for your projects. A large number of examples of using the Xela UIKit library, both separately components from the library, blocks for composing screens, as well as ready-made application templates, in which you only need to add business logic and customize to the needs of your application.

Installation Guide

  1. Open downloaded project folder
  2. Find folder XelaUIKit in XelaExampleApp -> XelaUIKit
  3. Just Drag'n'Drop XelaUIKit folder in your project in XCode


Xela Example App Structure

In a project you find:

  1. Library XelaUIKit
  2. Example for use all Components from SwiftUI Library in XelaComponents
  3. Example for use in View blocks from SwiftUI Library in XelaBlocks
  4. Example for use in Templates from SwiftUI Library in XelaTemplates